When Can I Order A Toyota Highlander Hybrid For 2023?

The new Toyota Highlander Hybrid trim for the 2023 model year is discussed in this article.

 The trim improves fuel efficiency over the 2022 Highlander, and a new 7-inch screen replaces the base LE variant's 4.2-inch TFT digital cluster.

 The new Grand Highlander trim, which will offer a more luxurious option for the popular crossover SUV,

is expected to accompany the 2023 Toyota Highlander Hybrid Platinum trim.

The Toyota Highlander Hybrid 2023 model year is expected to include some new changes such as a much larger 12.3-inch touchscreen, an improved audio system, and an updated driver assistance package.

The most recent information on when you can order a 2023 Toyota Highlander Hybrid is that official details have yet to be announced.

The upcoming Highlander Hybrid, on the other hand, is expected to leverage Toyota's hybrid expertise and offer an optional hybrid setup.