There are three reasons why we can't wait for the 2024 Toyota Tacoma.

The Toyota Tacoma will get a new look for the 2024 model year, which is long overdue.

The new Toyota mid-size pickup will have features that are bigger and stronger, like the latest Tundra and Sequoia models.

The Toyota Tacoma can be bought with either one of two gas engines. Both the inline-four (with 159 horsepower)

 and the V6 (with 275 horsepower) are not strong enough.

The inline-four engine in the Toyota truck is very weak compared to the engines in the Tacoma's competitors.

Toyota hasn't said anything about the specifics of the 2024 Tacoma or what its goals are.

For the 2024 model year, the truck will get a completely new chassis, which was long overdue.