Tesla Model 3 Redesign Unlikely, despite recent sightings of masked vehicles

Despite recent sightings of prototype cars, this article concludes that the Tesla Model 3 facelift is unlikely to be released.

The facelift is expected to enter production in the third quarter of 2023, first at the Tesla Shanghai Gigafactory, then at the Fremont facility in Northern California.

The Shanghai Gigafactory is Tesla's first facility outside the United States and has become a major hub for its electric vehicles (EVs).

Tesla recently spotted two prototypes that could be the facelifted Tesla Model 3 at its Shanghai facility, sparking rumours of a new model launch.

Regardless of these rumours, it is unlikely that Tesla will produce any facelifted Tesla Models in the near future,

as traditional automakers plan to update their models in the coming weeks. Tesla,

on the other hand, intends to continue selling cars from their Fremont, California, facility and other markets around the world.