Should You Await the Genesis G90 in 2023?

The Genesis G90 luxury sedan is the brand's flagship vehicle, and the new 2023 model is expected to be even more impressive.

With a dramatic new design that surpasses even German brands, it is certain to attract attention.

The exterior design features strong lines and a contemporary appearance that distinguish it from its predecessor, the G80s.

Inside, drivers will find a luxury cabin with cutting-edge comforts and technology.

The Genesis G90 is an excellent luxury vehicle with a spacious sedan body and a fashionable appearance.

 It offers a beautiful cabin with driving-enhancing features like as heated/ventilated seats and a heads-up display.

The G90 also sports a powerful engine, with a 0-60 mph time of 5.3 seconds and 420 horsepower. At over $70,000, it is one of the most opulent models now available.