One unique feature will be added to the2024 GMC Sierra EV. the Chevrolet Model Won't

Doug Demuro states that the Crab Walk feature will only be available on GMC trucks in a new video marketing the Silverado EV.

Chevy's Silverado EV will have four-wheel steering but not the GMC's special sideways-driving capability.

The Crab Walk feature makes all four wheels turn in the same direction, allowing the truck to travel sideways. In the Hummer EV,

it can only be engaged at low speeds, and it disengages once you reach 25 mph.

The Crab Walk feature is probably necessary for the positively enormous GMC Hummer EV.

The innovation will make it easier for the truck to manoeuvre through crowded city traffic, and it will probably be useful while parallel parking.

The Silverado EV, with a length of 233 inches, is another a large vehicle that might use the Crab Walk feature for parking and path navigation.