One Annoying Aspect of the 20th-Generation Toyota Grand Highlander Will Be Addressed in 2024

Cargo space is no longer a concern in the 2024 Toyota Grand Highlander. The old Grand Highlander had a paltry 14 cubic feet of storage space,

but the new one has 37. The Grand Highlander's trunk is spacious enough to fit a family's worth of vacation gear,

so buyers don't have to worry about jamming their belongings in there.

This new Toyota has roomy cabins and convenient amenities like power-folding third-row seats and fold-flat second-row seats.

 When a power liftgate is installed, the trunk can be opened with the push of a button,

 making it even simpler to gain access to the vehicle's storage space.

Those who have been frustrated by a car's lack of trunk space in the past will appreciate this new design.