As of 2021, which is the latest date I know of,

 there is no official information about the features and specs of the 2023 Honda Pilot, such as whether or not it will have a "magic seat."

Honda calls the flexible seating arrangement in some of its cars, like the Honda Fit and Honda HR-V,

 a "magic seat." It lets the back seats fold down flat, making more room for cargo and giving you more options for moving bigger things.

The Honda Pilot, on the other hand, is a bigger SUV than the Fit or HR-V, and it already has a lot of storage space and space for cargo.

So, it's not clear if the 2023 Pilot will have the "magic seat" or if Honda will focus on other features

and upgrades to improve the SUV's overall performance and usefulness. Closer to the release date, you'll probably be able to find out more.