How far can the Tesla Model S go on a single charge?

This article discusses how far a Tesla Model S can travel on a single charge, as well as how quickly it can be charged.

 The Tesla Model S is the most powerful electric vehicle on the market today.

It can travel up to 335 miles on a single charge thanks to its 100-kWhr battery and dual motor configuration.

 However, there is conflicting information about the Tesla Model S's actual range, with some sources claiming that it can travel up to 500,000 miles.

The maximum mileage range per charge is generally accepted to be up to 405 miles, but this may vary depending on the car's configuration and usage.

With its efficient motors and charger, the Tesla Model S is a standard Tesla Motors electric vehicle that offers about 3 miles per hour.

With the standard 80kW battery, drivers can travel 500-550 miles on a single charge, and up to 830 miles with the 100kWh battery.