How far can a fully charged Tesla Model S travel?

This page details the maximum driving range and charging rates for the Tesla Model S.

 The longest-range electric vehicle currently in production is the Tesla Model S.

It has two motors and a 100 kWhr battery, allowing it to travel up to 335 miles on a single charge. Regarding the Tesla Model S's real range,

there is contradicting information, with some sources saying that it can travel up to 500,000 miles.

Generally speaking, the maximum range per charge is up to 405 miles, but this could change depending on how the car is configured and utilised.

A typical Tesla Motors electric vehicle, the Model S delivers a top speed of roughly 3 miles per hour thanks to its effective motors and charger.

With the regular 80kW battery, drivers can travel about 500–550 miles on a single charge, and with the 100kWh battery, they can travel up to 830 miles.

The range per hour may also be impacted by other elements like the season, individual preferences, and the length of the workweek.