Do you know the Genesis 3.5 twin-horsepower turbo's rating?

The Genesis 3.5 Twin Turbo is an exceptionally potent automobile. Incredible 365 hp and 376 lb-ft of torque come from its V6 engine.

The dual turbocharged motor produces a lot of power, and the torque peak occurs at a relatively low 1700 rpm,

allowing for quick and effortless acceleration.

This vehicle's 8-speed automatic transmission allows for rapid gear changes and improved efficiency.

The Genesis 3.5 Twin Turbo is as nimble and capable as it is potent, especially when fitted with the available all-wheel drive system.

The Genesis 3.5 Twin Turbo is among the greatest cars in its class because it comes with so many high-quality features as standard equipment,

including advanced driver aids and luxurious amenities.