Chevy Says 2019 Silverado's Fuel Economy Rating Isn't Telling The Full Story

Chevy argues that the fuel economy rating of the 2019 Silverado doesn't provide the complete picture.

While the official rating may not be the highest in its class, the company emphasizes that there are other factors to consider.

Chevy claims that the Silverado's advanced technologies, such as its cylinder deactivation system and aerodynamic enhancements,

contribute to better real-world fuel efficiency. These features help optimize fuel consumption by intelligently managing engine power and reducing drag.

 Additionally, Chevy highlights that the Silverado offers a range of engine options,

allowing customers to prioritize power or efficiency based on their needs. Therefore,

while the fuel economy rating may not be the sole indicator, the 2019 Silverado's overall performance,

versatility, and advanced technologies make it a compelling choice for truck buyers.