2022 Kia Picanto GT review: Three-year update

As we've already stated, the Picanto's triple is amusing around town.

 The engaging five-speed manual and svelte 1012kg tare weight combine with 74kW at 4500rpm

and 172Nm between 1500-4000rpm to give pleasure and entertainment practically every time you step behind the wheel.

 A car like the Picanto GT can truly brighten up your everyday commute, especially with the spicy engine note.

To begin with, the GT enjoys revving. I just adore it. So, if you want to thrash it along towards redline,

go for it. We discovered that it was equally as comfy after you settled into a 100-110km/h cruise.

In heavy traffic, our 6.0L/100km average might be exceeded, whereas Kia promises the Picanto would use 5.2L/100km in official testing - it all depends on how much zest you want from the excitable little engine.