2022 Kia Picanto GT review: Long-term update three

We've mentioned before how funny the triple is on the Picanto around town.

The engaging five-speed manual, sleek 1012kg tare weight, and 74kW at 4500 rpm and 172Nm between 1500 and

 4000 rpm work together to make driving joyful and entertaining practically every time.

The zesty engine tone of a car like the Picanto GT can significantly improve your everyday commute.

First off, the GT enjoys high revs. Totally adores it. So, go ahead and accelerate close to redline if the urge arises.

But once you get into a cruise at 100 to 110 km/h, we discovered that it was equally as comfy.

 It all depends on how much vigour you want from the excitable little engine. Kia claims the Picanto will use 5.2L/100km in official testing,